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Course Accreditation

The accreditation process has been put in place in keeping with general international accreditation requirements in vocational and teritiary education.

Recognition and Accreditation

Please note that recognition is granted to member schools that meet our membership and accreditationj requirements, whereas accreditation is only granted to specific courses that meet our course accreditation requirements. Not all of a school’s courses may be accredited. Our membership does not automatically confer accredited status of the courses offered by that member school. If you would like to enquire about the accreditation status of a particular course which may not listed, please contact us for clarification or further information.

The Accreditation Process

A school seeking to have a course or courses accredited by the us may lodge an application with their application for our membership, or separate from their membership application. An application for accreditation may be made for more than one course, but documentation must be provided for each course.

When an application for course accreditation is received, the indicated course(s) will be assessed by the our Executive Committee and our International Representatives from the relevant discipline.

A site inspection is a must for those applying for accreditation.

Accreditation Application Requirements

Accredited courses must meet the criteria listed below regarding course content, duration, assessment, and teaching staff.

To apply for accreditation for a course, submit an accreditation application form and relevant supporting documentation for each course, including:

  • course details, including course title and level of qualification (select from the levels of qualification used by us, which may not be those used in the systems).
  • outline of course content or course syllabus (an outline must at least include titles and aims for each lesson, module or course).
  • course duration and timeframe (course duration can include minimal or average class or tutor contact hours, and hours of experience or practice required for graduation).
  • names and qualifications of designated teachers for the course.

Please note that course information must be on official stationary or in the handbook or course promotional material or on the school website (provide the relevant webpage addresses).

Criteria for AIQAC Accreditation

1.The course content should cover what is generally internationally found in similar level courses in this field.

2. (a). The duration of the course is comparable with course standards for that type of course in well-established and reputable universities and colleges internationally, and in the industry that the course relates to. As a guide, the following minimum standards apply:

  • Accredited Certificates involve 500 hours or more of study (in some disciplines/industries a much shorter qualification can be approved if that is the norm in that discipline)
  • Accredited Associate Diplomas involve 1500 hours or more of study
  • Accredited Diplomas involve 2000 hours or more of study
  • Accredited Foundation or Associate Degrees involve 2 years of full time study
  • Accredited Bachelor’s Degrees involve 3 years of full time study
  • Accredited Post Graduate Diplomas involve 1 year of full time post graduate
  • Accredited Post Graduate Certificates involve 0.5 years full time post graduate study study
  • Accredited Masters programs involve 1-2 years full time postgraduate study.
  • Accredited Doctoral programs must meet international academic standards.

3. Prerequisites for entry into degrees or diplomas are year 12 or equivalent, or mature age entry based on experience.

4. Assessment requirements are clear and appropriate to the nature and level of the course.

5. Qualifications of teachers of vocational courses must be equal to the level of the course being taught, and for teachers of degree or postgraduate programs, higher than the level of course being taught, in most cases (ariations from this requirement will be considered on a case basis by the committee).

Accreditation Application Fee

If the application for accreditation is made concurrent with the application for membership, or within 30 days from the date that membership is granted, no fee is required. If the application for accreditation is made over 30 days from the granting of membership, an application fee of $2500 USD must accompany the application.


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