Quality Assurance for Management Processes and Professional Competencies


Services of AIQAC

Management process and Procedures Quality Assessment for Companies

The assessment focuses on assessing the management process and procedures quality to improve the performance of the management work in a company.

Companies which are looking to improve the in office performance should get assessed for solutions and improvements.

Testing the Competencies of Employees in Management

This service can be very helpful for both companies and individuals since it can help companies test the competencies of new employees before hiring them. Also, it helps individuals who wants to demonstrate their competencies to their current or future employees when they have the proof of competencies related to their management field.

For corporate Training Providers:

Corporate training Centers who are looking for better outcome of their training courses to assess the quality and outcome of their training material should use this service. It is important that the training seminar leads to the expected outcomes and develop the skills of the trainee.

The Process is straightforward and simple.